Elisabeth Alli is a Swiss journalist and a film-maker with nigerian roots. She was born in Ticino (the main italian speaking areas of Switzerland) in 1970. In fact, her parents were travelling through Switzerland when elisabeth came to the world. At that time Nigeria was experiencing the Biafra war. Separated from her biological parents very soon, her childhood was very short. Elisabeth had to grow up fast, indeed. Today, she re-lives her childhood putting children and young people at the forefront of her projects. As a matter of fact, she has presented her PhD. thesis at the University of Zurich about children and marketing. Elisabeth is the mother of three children. is the name of the publishing company which was created in 2006 to publish Elisabeth Alli’s books.  Elisabeth Alli is its director. The goal of is to illustrate Switzerland and the world- with pictures and words – in a catchy way. belongs to Elisabeth Alli (


Thank you Switzerland

Switzerland and the Swiss have opened their arms to me and have integrated me in their country. No matter what, the Swiss are capable of integrating diversity. In particular, I have been surrounded by lovers of Switzerland who taught me and communicated their passion to me. Therefore, these books are nothing but the result of this happy feeling. I dedicate it to all the children, big and little, with the hope that while deepening their knowledge of Switzerland, they will also be able to fall in love with it completely.