Il Kapellbrücke – Il ponte di Lucerna in un libro


Our new book The Kapellbrücke – Il ponte di Lucerna in un libro offers a fictionalized account of the vicissitudes of the city’s most famous bridge. The story presented in this book is inspired by the Kapellbrücke fire that occurred in August 1993. The characters, their actions and their stories are figments of the author’s imagination.

With this new book, the publishing house – specialized since 2006 in books about Switzerland for young people and adults – would like to inaugurate a new series entitled Storia, Geschichte, Histoire, History. In fact, in this new collection we would like to enclose those events lacking a precise location, lost between current events and history. For this very reason, the series is designed for Generation Z and those who will follow it. They are generations who also need to be nourished by the most recent history in order to best conjugate their upcoming future.

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Elisabeth Alli




Italian, French, German


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